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At Pickering Audio Visual, we’ve established long-standing ties to the best equipment manufacturers in the business, plus we have a one-year warranty that accompanies all our installations. It’s this sort of unparalleled service that we’re proud to bring clients across the GTA and beyond.

Manufacturers Carried by Pickering Audio Visual Inc.

We carry a wide range of manufacturer’s products. Find what you want and give us a call or an email for costing and purchasing.

Aiphone:   audio and video intercoms

Chiayo:     portable battery powered audio systems

Audio-Technica:   microphones & access., headphones, turntables, wireless microphones

B-Tech:   LCD, projector mounts and stands

CBM:   LCD, projector mounts and stands

Canadian Blackboard Company: white, black, green, and cork boards

Clear One:  teleconferencing systems

Denon-Marantz Professional:  Audio Recording and Playback

Draper:   screens, easels, projector lifts, – non-toxic and manufactured in an environmentally safe plant

Fanon:   megaphones

Gentner:   hearing assist systems

Gator:   cases

Hall Research Technology:  video switches & UTP products

Inter-M:  commercial, professional audio equipment

Lab Gruppen:  Ampfliers

Mackie Mixers: Mixers

Premier Mounts:  LCD, projector mounts and stands

Peerless Mounts:  LCD, projector mounts and stands

Radio Design Labs:  small audio & video broadcast specialty equipment

Sabine:  feedback control & other audio processing equipment

Sharp:  LCD TV, commercial LCD, multimedia projectors, LCD panels, and manufactured in a totally self sufficient environmental plant

Tannoy:  speakers

Teac-Tascam:  studio & consumer recorders & players

TV One:  video scalers, switchers

TOA:  amplifiers

Ultimate Support:  speaker, microphone, & light stands

Vaddio:  video cameras and control systems

Wharfedale Pro:  speakers, amplifiers, mixers

Wolfvision:  high end document visualizers

Misc. equipment: lamps, high quality connectors, bulk & readymade cables, adaptors.